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Who We Are ?

-- A World of Nature Lover --

The Crazy Mountaineers is an initiative of a family to promote eco and safe tourism in the Himalayan Region & help society understand the importance of the Himalayan eco system. Being the top rated and oldest trekking company in Uttarakhand, India, we create a safe and thrilling environment for our trekkers and provide value to our customers by providing them with the best services and affordable trekking packages.

Our Objectives

To promote sustainable eco-friendly and aesthetic tourism and adventure activities in Uttarkashi and Himalayan Region in general and within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in particular.

To facilitate adequate services for tourists, trekkers and mountaineers viz. trained porters, guides, instructors, equipments and management services.

To provide instant voluntary helps as and when required by an individual or a group viz. search and resue operations, help to overcome adverse climatic conditions, natural and calamities etc.

To explore new trekking routes and tourist places and popularize them on national and international tourism platform.

To manage tourism and trekking activities free from environmental pollution.

To provide any opportunity to tourists. to interact with existing social and cultural milieu and natural grandeur.

The Team

All the technology and networking would mean nothing if our staff was not helpful and friendly, we take care of you right from when you put your first call to the Crazy Mountaineers up until the last day of your stay with us.

Our knowledgeable technical help & support team which is headed by Mr. Kanishk Singh Rathore is the first you speak with when you call The Crazy Mountaineers, they are always ready to answer all your questions, whether you have any doubts about the trek or any other help you might need to reach the location of your departure.

Young and passionate Mr. Kanishk Singh Rathore, trek manager is responsible for managing all the requirements that are necessary for you to have a smooth trekking experience from reaching the trek destination to arranging your stay, food and all the necessary equipment you will need on the trek.

Our Dynamic trek leaders are chosen for their vibrant personality, adventure travel experience and knowledge in the area they work. They all are well trained and have the ability to provide any kind of support that you might need while visiting the remote Himalyan areas and are able to cope with any emergency situations that might arise.

Mr. Rohitash Singh Rawat was born and brought up in the beautiful Himalayan village of Sankri, he has been an avid adventure seeker. Since a very young age, he loved going on treks with his father Mr. Balveer Singh Rawat who himself had taken thousands of trekkers on a successful expedition through the wilderness of the Himalayas.

How To Reach Us

The Crazy Mountaineers' head office is located at Sankri which is a small village town, situated at elevation 2000m. It is well connected by road with Uttarkashi, Mussoorie and Dehradun at distance of 170, 180, 190 kms, respectively. Regular bus service is available from Uttarkashi and Dehradun up to Sankri.
Our help & support office is located at Dehradun. Feel free to call us with your queries.

Contact: +91 95 5773 9933

Our Commitments:

The Cray Mountaineers is committed to provide our voluntary service as well as consultancy in order to facilitate and promote eco-friendly pollution free tourism activities. It helps the trekking peoples by faciliating reliable guided and porter service and can arrange all round trekking tour right from Dehradun and Sankri.
It is well equipped with professionals and experienced instructors, porters and guided for mountaineering expedition and trekking route destinations located in Gangotri and Yamunotri Valley, Tapoban, Nandanvan, Raktvan, Dayara etc.


1. The use of polythene and plastic is unhealthy for the flora and fauna to florish in its natural environment of the Himalayan.
Kindly use only if necessary.
2. Carry back all non-degradable litter like empty bottles, tins, polythene bags etc. and throw them in marked dustbins only so that waste can be disposed off properly.
3. Observe the sanctity of holy sites in case of any offerings contact the staff of the temple committee only.
4. In case temporary toilets are set-up near camp sites, after defecation, cover with mud or sand. Ensure that the spot is at least 30m from a water source.
5. Allow the flora and fauna to flourish in its natural environment.


1. Do not listen to Radio, Tape Recorders or any other electronic entertainment equipment at high volume to avoid noise pollution.
2. Taking away of cuttings, seeds and roots is illegal in the Himalayas, avoid this practice.
3. Avoid using pollutants such as detergents in streams and springs.
4. Do not use wood as fuel to cook food at the camps site and do not destroy the forest wealth of the Himalaya which are our heritage.
5. Do not leave burning cigarette or make open fires in the forests.
6. Do not temp the local children by offering them foodstuff or sweets.
7. Respect local traditions. When taking photographs, respect privacy; ask prior permission and use restraint.

Working Head Office

H.No. 26/1, Vill.- Saur, P.O- Sankri,
The Mori, Dist,-Uttarkashi-249128
Saur Sankri, Uttarakhand, India

Working Office

Gandhi Gram, Near Sadhuram School, Balli Wala Chowk Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 248001, India
Tel: +91 95 5773 9933

56, Nirala nagar, Alkapuri,
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh 457001 India

240 Sector A/K scheme no 71
Indore, Madhya Pradesh - 452009 India

For Further Information Contact:

Mr. Kanishk Singh Rathore(Director)(+91-9557739933)
Mr. Rohitash Singh Rawat(Director)(+91-9720793617)

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