6 Best Treks in India That Should be on Your Bucket List

Published on: 28/05/2024

6 Best Treks in India That Should be on Your Bucket List

India is well known for its incredible beauty and scenic places in the world. It is a country that cherishes its natural heritage and magnificent Himalaya ranges which boasts the best treks in India & attracts every trekking lover. Where going on treks across the Garhwal and Kumaon regions in North India with a huge view of the great Himalayas, a trek in Ladakh Himalaya touches your heart with amazing sight scene of the region, a trek in Sikkim Himalaya makes an elegant view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. 

The Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh will give you the ultimate happiness of life with some of the best treks in India for beginners, while keeping you overwhelmed with the culture and natural beauty of the ancient villages. You must be amazed by having such beautiful and unforgettable movements in your life. Definitely, this may be one of the best experiences in your life journey. These places have everything that you want to experience in your life as a trekker with full of thrill and adventure.  

As a trekker, when you trek the Himalayas, you are going to witness this adorable, pleasing, and soothing journey while visiting centuries-old monasteries of the Indian region. If you have a keen interest in trekking by visiting such kind of places or have a plan for trekking and hiking in India very soon. Here, you can check out the top 6 treks in India to make your holiday tour full of adventure and thrill in 2021.


Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki dun trek is known for its majestic and picturesque landscape trek in India. Situated at a high altitude of 11700 feet, with snow-clad mountains and valleys. Mainly, the Har ki dun trek starts from the small village Sankri, it falls in the Garhwal Himalaya region of Uttarakhand. When you endorse the river tons in the middle of your trek, you got amazed by this enduring and scenic beauty. Basically, the origin of this river is Ruinsara Snout. 

You can capture the beauty of the lush green environment and dense forest of Har ki dun trek. By going through this trek, you find yourself surrounded by lovely forest, meadows, waterfall, grassland, and Alpine lake. This stunning sight view creates amusement in your life. This is a moderate level trek and can be done under the supervision of a trekking guide. 

At the top of Har ki dun peak, you can behold the spectacular view of other ranges too, such as  Kalang peak, Swargarohini,  Bandarpunch, and the low lying Hata peak. You will also amazed to know some mythological facts about this place that connects it with Mahabharata (Hindu Epic). This place is known as Osla village, where you will see the ancient wooden architecture that will give you a chance to explore much more about this place. All of these things makes this trek one of the best trek in India that you must have in your bucket list.


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is known for the best winter trek in India. With a high altitude of 12,500 ft (3,800 m) above sea level, the Kedarkantha trek initially starts from the Sankari village. Besides Sankari village, there are other routes as well for the Kedarkantha peak such as a Western ridge, Phulara ridge, and Eastern ridge. 

But, due to extreme exploration, people usually traverse through the Sankari route. As you know Kedarkantha is a winter trek with heavy snow fall, this trek is moderate level and makes it a great beginner trek in India. Usually, this trek is a long trek and take 6-7 days from Dehradun to Kedakantha and back. Kedarkantha falls in Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. That also gives you chance to explore the scenic beauty of a National park. 

This expedition takes you through the wonderful mountains, dense forest, meadows, and a lush green environment for Juda ka Tal from Sankari. When you see the colorful lighting of the sun coming through in the middle of trees around you, it feels awesome. Juda ka Tal gets frozen due to minus degree temperature and this sight view makes it pleasurable. At last, reaching the top of the Kedarkantha peak is going to be an unforgettable movement of your life. A sunrise before your open eyes get you stunned and enthralled.


Bali Pass Trek

Bali pass trek is another great trek in India that is challanging due to its terrain so this trek is not for everyone but only for a passionate and trekking lover. Bali pass is a long trek around 7 to 8 days at an altitude of 16240 ft above sea level. This trek falls in the Garhwal Himalayas, Bali pass trek starts from the panoramic view’s Sankari village, continuing the pathway, trek route goes through the Ruinsara Valley and the lush meadows of Devsu Thach. 

The Bali Pass Trek reaches its destination at Janki Chatti. This trek gives splendid landscape views of Kalanag,  Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini peaks. There are some other highlights of this trek like Ruinsara Lake, Govind Pashu National Park, Meadow of Debshu Bugyal, Yamunotri Temple ( counts amongst Char Dham temples). 


Nag Tibba Trek

If you are a beginner in the field of trekking then I would say that the Nag Tibba trek is best trek in India for you because it is a weekend trek. Basically, the serpent peak is known as Nag Tibba peak, located at an altitude of 3,022 meters (9,915 ft) and is the highest peak in the secondary Himalayan Garhwal division of Uttrakhand close to Mussorie. 

There is a village named Panthwari where your trek gears up for Nag Tibba Trek. As you know that this a weekend trek, it takes usually 1-2 days for the summit and back. I can covenant you that this trek is best to opt for. Generally, you didn’t get time for yourself but you can take a short break from your work to summiting the spectacular Nag Tibba peak. For reaching Nag Tibba peak, your trail goes through a beautiful dense forest of alpine, cedar, and Rhododendrons trees. You will see everything here that should be necessary to describe scenery, whether it is lovely meadows, waterfall, or snow flow in winters. 

This is a whole year trek, this can be done at any season like spring, summer, and winter. This trek is equally enthralling and full of excitement for both beginners and experienced trekkers too.  A magnificent sunset view is out of the world from the top of the peak.


Valley of Flowers 

For a fascinating trekking experience, nothing can be superior to find yourself in a memorable and exhilarated trekking expedition in the Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand. Valley of Flowers is a boon for every trekking lover. Every trekker should visit this trek at once in their lifetime. Basically, the Valley of Flowers falls in the North Chamoli and Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state in India.

Valley of flowers knows for its indigenous alpine flowers and variety of Himalayan flora species

The trek Valley of Flowers, in which you pass through embracing the awesome dense forest covers with oak and alpine trees, silvery glaciers, and waterfalls. This divergent place is home to many endangered wild animals too such as the Asiatic black bear, musk deer, blue sheep, snow leopard, brown bear, and red fox. You can enjoy seeing the wonderful color bird-like monal and other birds who live at high altitudes. A precise landscape of the Valley of flowers complements the rough mountains. In August you can behold, this valley is at full blossom. 


Phulara Ridge

After knowing so much about the stunning peaks, do not make a mind that summiting ridge can not be a great experience. Definitely, it would be wrong to say so. Ridge treks are equally adventurous and thrilling to summiting a peak and Phulara ridge is one amongst them. With an altitude of 12000 feet, the Phulara Ridge Trek starts from a hamlet named Sankri

To pass through the trek, when you see yourself surrounded by beautiful meadows and valleys, you get stuck for a movement. To experience walk through the ridge is just like traversing over the sharp edges of the knife. When you see fully snow-covered mountains from the top of the ridge, it’s so magical and enthralled. A lush green environment and landscape make you joyful and mesmerized.



Doing any of these treks at once can breakthrough in your lifetime. Any of these trekking experiences can make exultant your mundane life. If you are a genuine trekking lover then this blog helps you a lot in choosing the upcoming next trek. And do trek under the supervision of a trekking guide is very important. Do not take it casually.


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