The Best Winter Trek in India for Beginners - KedarKantha

Published on: 18/04/2024

The Best Winter Trek in India for Beginners - KedarKantha

Kedarkantha trek is one of the best winter trek in India and not just in Uttrakhand. This winter trek is easy for both experts as well as beginning level trekker due to which Kedarkantha becomes one of the most visited treks in Uttarakhand. 

It is also easy to reach the base camp for the commencement this winter trek. People do this trek of 24 kilometres according to their convenience in 2 to 4 days. For those who have more days and want to do a longer trek, the path of Har Ki Doon also leaves from the base camp at Sankari, that is, you can spend a week or more here if you want to relax. 

This trek is ideal for all those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature or wish to see the snow. Upon reaching the peak of Kedarkantha, if the weather is clear, a 360-degree view of the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas, Rupin Valley, Har Ki Doon Valley and other places around. What could be more beautiful than this for any tourist or a nomad? Even in summers, snow is seen here till June, so in the rainy season, small bugyals give a soothing view to the eyes. It is also a thrill for anyone to conquer the peak of 3800 meters for the first time. This best winter trek is gaining a lot of fame as a snow trek because it is possible to go here in winters which is not possible for a lot of other treks. Another feature of this trek is the places you pass on the journey to the peak. Juda's pond (Juda Ka Tal), which is a small water pond, it is thrilling to see the water accumulated in winters, while the base camp at Sankari is also in a very beautiful place which is white in winters and full of colours the rest of the time.


How difficult is the Kedarkantha winter trek for a first-timer?

This winter trek is categorized as easy or moderate to moderate difficulty trek. In winters the trek is definitely of moderate difficulty because it is not easy to walk when there is snow everywhere. There is a need to be careful on the snow and also be aware of how to deal with it. The rest of the time everything will depend on your physical health. If you do any light work like walking or cycling, then you can do this trek in two days. If you are not habitual of walking at all, you will still do it in 3 days. By doing it in 3 days, you will not have any problem even going to the height and you will be able to keep pace with the environment. 

However, if you start warm-up walking for the trek for about 5 or 7 kilometres, 4 or 5 days before leaving, it will be even better. This is at least a qualification and one should also do warm-up walking before going on any trek in the Himalayas.

Is a guide necessary for this winter trek?

Whether or not you want a guide to Kedarkantha, it all depends on you. If you are going with a trekking company’s package, then you do not have to worry about the guide, you will get it.

If you are going on your own and you have friends or family with you, then you should work with the porter instead of a guide because even if you have to carry your things, you will have to take the porter. If you are going in the summers, you can see the path clearly. In the winter, after the fresh snowfall, the path is not visible many times and sometimes this makes it difficult to choose the right path in the snow. If you are going during the trekking season, you will find so many people on this trek that you will not have to ask for directions.

Whether the trekking season is on or not, how many people are there on the peak, you will get all this information from Sankari base camp, over there you can ask your questions from the people and if you are still not satisfied, do not skimp in hiring a porter. Goods can also be transported by mules from Kedarkantha Base Camp at Sankari. If you decide to ger a mule to transport your belongings, you will also get a local man with you and he can give you more information about the trek like weather conditions at that time.

From where can we get the camping gears?

All the goods are found at the hotel halls and shops at the bus stand in Sankri. There is a small village, if you inquire, you will get all the information and equipment easily.

Will we have to carry the ration also?

You cannot finish this winter trek in one day, so even if at least two days are considered, then you have to eat dinner. You have breakfast at Sankari base camp and pack some food for the first day. If you have not booked any travel package with a trekking company, then you can talk to them and just book stay and food without the whole package. For this, you have to get information and confirmation at Sankari first. We also found a tea shop between Sankri and Juda Talab in cold winter, at which there was also a provision to eat and drink. 

It was time for the camp to be uprooted, during the rest of the season, many such independent shops will also be found at the base camp and the pond of Juda (Juda Ka Tal). In this case, you will not have to carry your food items or carry utensils and stoves. You can also carry uncooked food with utensils and cook food comfortably at the top as you can find ample of wood to burn. One more thing - whether you take foodstuff or not, but keep dry food items with you, which contain biscuits, snacks, roasted chickpeas, chocolate, etc. It is necessary and very important.


What are important things to carry for Kedarkantha trek trail?

You are recommended to carry the following things with you:

  • Take a t-shirt, Pajama's thermals, pairs of socks, jacket, rain jacket and rain pyjama's.
  • Good trekking shoes.
  • Gloves, Woolen Cap, Neck Warmer.
  • Bag pack and Rain cover for a bag pack.
  • Trekking stick, Torch or torch in the phone, Medicines.
  • Phone, power bank, extra batteries, Camera, good camera bag with rain cover.

How To Reach Sankari

A bus runs directly from Dehradun to Sankri runs via Budkot - Purola and Natwad. As far as I know, a bus runs in the morning at half-past five in the morning, which reaches Sankari from 4 to 5 in the evening. You cannot catch this bus by night train to Dehradun. It can definitely be caught from the century but for that, you will have to stay in Dehradun.

There are two ways. If you are in the number of 6 to 8 then you can book the Max or Bolero in full and if you are in small numbers then you can also go with the share Bolero or Max. It can also be travelled in different pieces. In Tukdo, you can travel on Dehradun - Mussoorie, Mussoorie - Naogaon, Naogaon - Purola, Purola - Sankari or even a longer share jeep. We reached Sankri in 12 hours from Delhi by our car.

You can choose from three routes from your vehicle i.e. car or bike.

Delhi -> Yamunanagar -> Vikasnagar -> Yamuna Bridge -> Naogaon -> Purola -> Sankri

Delhi -> Dehradun -> Mussoorie -> Yamuna Bridge -> Naogaon -> Purola -> Sankri (Dehradun to Sankri 180 Km) Fare around 300 / Bus around 600 / -for a shared taxi

Delhi -> Rishikesh -> Chamba -> Chinyalisaud -> Budkot -> Purola -> Sankri

For your way back from Sankari to Dehradun, the bus runs from Sankari to Dehradun at 5 am, for which you have to come to the bus stand at half-past four. With this bus, you can reach Dehradun around 4 o'clock and if luck helps, you can also catch the Shatabdi train to go to Delhi, otherwise, there are enough for Dehradun to Delhi.

Kedarkantha Package And Package cost

Kedarkantha winter trek is offered by many trekking companies, some of them are very famous and some are similar in terms of money. Most companies charge 10000 /- rupees per person from Dehradun to Dehradun and around 7500 /- rupees from Sankri to Sankari excluding taxes.  Booking the trek with a trekking company you can be tension-free as they will be responsible for all the arrangements for you from food to your trekking gear.

Best time to visit Kedarkantha Winter Trek

You can visit Kedarkantha 10 out of 12 months of the year, it will be good to leave out the rainy season and about one month from January 15 or when there is a possibility of heavy snowfall. In winter, you will get white sheets of snow here and you will get the opportunity to play in the snow after the rain.

Heights of Various Places in Kedarkantha

Sankari is about 1930 meters, the Juda Ka Tal about 2786 meters, the height of the base camp is around 3029 meters and the height of the peak is 3800 meters.

Weather Conditions

From 15 December to 15 February in winter, you have to get a temperature of zero or below, especially at night. If the weather is clear and sunny in the day, normal weather will be available. There will be no problem with the rest of the time. Nevertheless, to keep in tune with the conditions here, one night should be stopped in Sankari.

Mobile Networks

Only BSNL's network works in Sankri if you are lucky then you can talk, apart from that, it is difficult to get network or any other company on the rest of the trek. Vodafone also has a network in Sankari. If you forget the Internet, it will be fine. Spend a few days in the middle of nature.


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