A Guide to Nag Tibba Weekend Trek

Published on: 24/07/2024

A Guide to Nag Tibba Weekend Trek

The Nag Tibba trek can take anywhere from 2 to a maximum of 3 days, so it is ideal for Delhiites who often get to roam on weekends. You can start the trip on Friday night and still return home by Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. The Nag Tibba trek begins from Dehradun. You can take an overnight bus from Delhi to Dehradun and reach Dehradun by morning. Let’s check out some of the facts about Nag Tibba trek that will help you plan your journey.

Reasonable time to Visit - Nag Tibba is an all-season trek, you can choose any month to embark upon this journey. Although it is not advised to go there in the rainy season because the trail is rough and there are chances of slipping and you might have difficulty in walking. September to June are the best months to visit when the monsoon has not yet arrived in the Dehradun valley.

Level - Nag Tibba trek is considered to be an easy trek. If you take full two days time to visit, then it will be comfortable. You can finish the entire trek in a single day and return back to Dehradun but it will be very tiring if you are a beginner at trekking.


Safety - Nag Tibba, is considered quite safe, no landslides have occurred in this area. Mussoorie can be considered very safe due to its close proximity to Dehradun city and within a short period of time. Many people embark on this trek every year and therefore you will always find people on the Pantwari route. The possibility of meeting wild animals is also negligible, but this does not mean that you can leave alone in the dark of night. It is wrong to do this, so some things are in your hand, don’t risk it.

Way to go to Nag Tibba: There are many routes to visit Nag Tibba. Let’s check out some of them.

Pantwari - Nag Tibba: The most famous and the most used route for trekking is from the village of Pantwari. Pantwari village is about 50 km from Mussoorie. From Mussoorie, you will have to cross the Yamuna Bridge on Purola Road to reach Nainbagh. After reaching Nainbagh, the first path that comes directly to the left-hand goes to Pantwari. Pantwari is 16 km from here Nainbagh. Nag Tibba is only 10 kilometres from the village of Pantwari.


Dewalsari - Nag Tibba: Dewalsari also leads the way to Nag Tibba. From Mussoorie to Dhanaulti Road on the way to Theitude. You will have to go on the Mussoorie - Dhanaulti Road on the way to Theitude via Suhakholi. Once you reach Theitude, Dewalsari is only ten kilometres away. A little further down the road, a bridge leads to the Nainbag road to the left and Devalasari to the right. Dewalsari is also called Antan village. This is where the road ends and there is a rest house of forest department people to stop here at Dwalsari.

Srikot - Nag Tibba: On the way to Pantwari, you will find the road leading to Srikot village. From here the route to Nagtibba base camp is only 5 kilometres but it is a steep trail unlike in Ruinsara Tal Trek which is a valley trek with mostly level trek route. and rises along with the water stream called Godera in the local language.

Altitude - Unlike other treks like Kedarkantha Trek, you don’t have to walk a lot to cross the 3000 m mark. It is 3,020 meters at the top of Nagatibba and the base camp and the Nag Devta Temple is 2600 meters high. The elevation of Pantwari is 1350 meters and the trek length is ten kilometres further from Pantwari Village.

Time Taken for Nag Tibba trek - If you leave Delhi at night, Dehradun or Mussoorie can be reached in the morning either by bus or taxi in the morning. You can also take an overnight train from New Delhi to Dehradun. If you start trekking at 12 o'clock in the afternoon on the same day, you can reach the base camp from 4 to 5 in the evening. If you start walking at 7 am the next day, you can reach Nag Tibba by 10 am, have fun and return to Pantwari by 2 pm. By reaching Dehradun by evening, a bus or train to Delhi can be caught. 

Things to remember on Nag Tibba Trek - The most important thing to remember on this track is that there is a shortage of water here. You can fill your bottle from Pantwari three or four times till the Goat Village. After this, water is found only in the pool near the temple of Nag Devta at Nag Tibba base camp. Therefore, it is best to carry enough water from the start of the trek. If you avoid lifting the weight of water and its quantity, you can also hire a mule, which along with water will also carry your goods with pleasure and you will also give employment to someone in the mountain.


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